Our team can provide extraordinary aerial perspectives of your jobsite, construction project, well-site etc.  You receive HD Photos, videos, timestamped images and other data for record keeping, change detection or historical information.  

An aging infrastructure needs regular inspections. The ASCE's 2017 Infrastructure report card gave the USA a overall GPA of D+.  We can safely and efficiently collect data for the inspection infrastructure including bridges, roads, power-lines, easements, pipelines and more.
Aerial Photography
 "A picture is worth a thousand words.  Our drones/UAVs are equipped with sensors capable of at least 20/Megapixels. Our aerial photos help with understanding the characteristics of an area, surrounding obstructions, challenges and environmental concerns.     

The demand for precise GIS data continually increases.  We collect all of the aerial photography data using land survey techniques to create a variety of mapping products including Orthophotography, Digital Terrain Models, Contours and more.  
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